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  • Integrated WLAN management solution with Neutron Series Switches
  • Gigabit Ethernet port with IEEE 802.3 af/at standard PoE support
  • Internal high-performance antennas for low profile design
  • SNMP v1/v2c/c3, MIB I/II supported
  • WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption
  • IPv4/IPv6 support
  • Effective and flexible bandwidth management
  • Client limiting and fast handover supported
  • Secure Guest Network option available
  • There is no separate power supply included*
  • EnGenius EnMesh Compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty*
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Available from Solwise Ltd or one of our UK EnGenius Resellers.


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The Neutron Series Wireless Management Solution

The EnGenius Neutron Series of wireless management products can be mixed and matched to create ideal wireless connectivity solutions for hotels, resorts, high schools, universities, corporate campuses, sports stadiums and arenas and for other companies and organizations.

This is a scalable solution for operations that occupy large properties and that need to deploy, monitor, and manage numerous EnGenius EWS Wireless Access Points from one simple and accessible browser-based software platform. EWS Switches can support any small number of EWS Wireless Access Points to several hundred depending on the number of EWS Switches in the network.


High Performance for Today’s Demanding Applications

The Neutron EWS350AP marks a new performance breakthrough for Indoor Access Points with expanded capacity and fast 11ac speeds to 867Mbps on 5GHz and to 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. Wireless users with next generation 802.11ac laptops, tablets and other devices, who need to stream HD video or transfer large files will find this powerful Access Point not only affordable, but more than up to those high-bandwidth tasks.

Dual-Band (2.4/5GHz) Expands User Capacity & Optimizes Traffic Flow with Band Steering

Featuring Dual-Band concurrent wireless coverage, the EWS350AP supports expanded user capacity, enabling 2.4GHz and newer 5GHz devices to simultaneously connect for maximum speed and performance. Band Steering automatically shifts Dual-Band clients to the less congested 5GHz band, greatly optimizing overall bandwidth traffic on the network.

High-Performance Reception, Long-Range, Multi-Floor Penetration

The EWS350AP is designed to operate in a variety of multi-story building environments and demanding business applications, making its 26 dBm high-powered, long-range coverage a cost-effective alternative to other 11ac Access Points that don’t have the range or capacity to support a growing number of wireless users needing to connect to the network.

Unlimited Flexibility and Scalability

Deployed on a local or remote server – or in the Cloud?, ezMaster lowers total operating costs, speeding deployments and monitoring of a network with minimal IT assistance. Manage a few or 1,000+ APs and Switches on networks in different locations from a single location. Easily manage 10 or 10,000 concurrent users through a comprehensive at-a-glance network dashboard with rich analytics and reporting.

Wireless LAN Management with ezMaster™

Deploy as a standalone wireless AP or part of a scalable Neutron WLAN Management Solution, managed via a WLAN Controller Switch or centrally managed via ezMaster Software. Together with Neutron Switches and APs, ezMaster is a flexible, highly scalable solution offering centralized network management with rich reporting and analytics, business-class features and no AP licensing or annual subscription fees.


Download Indoor Access Points Datasheet

Radio Specifications

Dual Concurrent Radio

2.4GHz: 802.11b/g/n with max data rate up to 300Mbps

5GHz: 802.11a/n/ac with max data rate up to 867Mbps

Transmit Power (combined)

2.4GHz: max 26dBm / 5GHz: max 26dBm

Max transmit power is limited by regulatory power

Radio Chains / Spatial Streams

2 x 2/2

Supported Radio Technology

802.11b: direct-sequence spread-spectrum (DSSS)

802.11a/g/n/ac: orthogonal frequency-division multi-plexing (OFDM)


802.11ac with 20/40/80 MHz channel width

802.11n with 20/40 MHz channel width

802.11a/b/g with 20 MHz channel width

Supported Modulation

802.11b: BPSK, QPSK, CCK

802.11a/g/n: BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM. 64-QAM

802.11ac : BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM, 256-QAM

Supported Data Rates

802.11b: 1,2,5.5,11

802.11a/g: 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54

802.11n: 6.5 to 300 (MCS0 to MCS15)

802.11ac: 6.5 to 867 (MCS0 to MCS9, NSS = 1 ~2)


Operation Mode AP Mode
Auto Channel Selection Setting varies by regulatory domains
SSIDs Supports up to 8 SSIDs per frequency band
Guest Network Allocates a separate network segment for guest access within the same WLAN

WEP encryption: 64/128/152-bit

WPA/WPA2 Enterprise/PSK

Hidden SSID

MAC address filtering (up to 50 MAC)

Client isolation

Environmental & Physical

Power Source

DC Input: 12VDC/2A, PoE: Compatible with 802.3at, Average Watt 8.04, Peak Watt 18

*Please note that the DC power supply is not included with this product. Since this product is normally used in a ceiling or wall mounted application then PoE is the most common power method so a DC power adapter is unlikely to be used. If you plan to power the unit directly then you will need to purchase the power supply, listed in the accessories, relevant to your country.

Internal High Gain Antenna

1 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Port with 802.3af/at PoE

1 x DC power connector

1 x reset button

Mounting Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount, CE


Dimensions (w x d x h)

161.5 x 41.5 x 41.5mm


File Link Published
Firmware for this product should only be sourced via the EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. websites. If it is sourced elsewhere it may damage your device and invalidate the warranty. We can't provide service support to devices which are not running with ETSI firmware. EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. Downloads Site 27.10.16
*Limited Lifetime Warranty Click here 01.06.17
EnMesh Firmware Download here 01.06.17
ezMaster Download here 14.01.16
Roaming with the EnGenius Neutron Managed Solution Download here 14.01.16

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